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What small thing/s did you do today to chip away at your avoidance?

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So I am feeling disconnected from folks and like I am missing out. I didn't go to my walking group for such a long time. I am so anxious this morning. I feel so anxious. I am struggling with dissociation.
I'm finding patience, encouragement, compassion, and acceptance to be helpful. I'm working with my thinking and writing almost every day. I'm trying to listen to the fearful voice inside to see what she needs so that we can move forward with a life worth living. I'm working on defining that as well. It's difficult because I have so many memories and thoughts around this issue.
All right, kicks sand with toe of shoe, I called the voter registration office and updated my address so that I can vote in the primary, and I called the driver's license office to see what all I need to bring in because they want to certify that I am who I say I am and that I have lived here (in my county) for 25 years as a US citizen (?), yada yada.... so that I can renew my license- and to see how much blood I need to give in order to pay for this sham process. I will get in before my birthday....barely! 🎂
@Ronin - It's a process of micro-steps. Good on you for trying! 🏅

Me? Well, I seem to be blowing through things as there seems to be no other choices at this point - got to have a car that runs, some level of peace where I live (anger kicking in), got to know how my dad is doing, got to lose this weight and find health, got to get a job with salary and benefits. It seems push has come to shove.

Still a bit of back and forth, but I know what's real and what isn't. Onward Christian soldier........kicking doors
Made a drs appointment with a new doc, it got cancelled coza carona tho.
Applied to uni, got in
Gonna apply for NDIS support to help me through the agoraphobia/people phobia/avoidance, but carona is holding up my ability to apply.
Need some support to learn to drive, coz that will help, a.lot.
Everything is held up coza COVID.
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