What small thing/s did you do today to chip away at your avoidance?


Have avoided taking a shower for days. Didn't need to go to work, not expecting company, but I finally got into the shower and as usual, I felt a lot better afterward. I sure can't figure out why I always procrastinate when it is shower time, only to get puzzled afterward like this.


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I put in two applications to start as a remote volunteer writing/literacy tutor.

I have a real problem with Zoom, Skype and cameras, in general. It's kind of right in the middle of me doing a lot of things I would like to do. So, here we go.

I have done some small things to try and deal with this in the past but I feel like it's time I made a commitment because otherwise, I may just keep not fixing the problem.

ms spock

I have researched and applied for various short courses for next year and I have been looking at some longer courses. I am doing research and I am getting to know things a lot better.