Relationship Wifes ptsd is worse than ever!


Idk @Sam7787 but it's very hard to live with unfounded accusations.

Equally, I dont think apologies are accepted. So that becomes the prevailing memory, all around.

Take care of yourself and especially your son, who won't understand any of it.


If you’re holding out hope that she’ll get “better” and things will go back to the way they were before, you’re probably setting yourself up for disappointment.

It sounds like hanging on to that hope is what is letting her hurt you over ans over again.


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Hello all once again. I need some more advice. After much pain over these last 6ish months I decided to cut my losses with my ex and her denial regarding her ptsd. (Pls refer to original post) To many times I have bent over backward for her. Helping her out in anyway possible, Weather that be round the house, with the kids, giving lifts, offering emotional support in the form of a chat or maybe just a quiet cup of tea and a cuddle. Whatever she needs really. All while getting my head torn off and the constant push and pull and abuse. Well now its mad. The man that abused her has been released a while ago in the town we live in!!! (I may have already mentioned this) July I think. I'm fairly sure I saw him and have had 3 others say the same. I had to tell my ex for her safety more than anything. God knows y he's been released here. She was OK, then she saw him! Since then I've can't say a single thing about anything without her turning it into an attack!! Absolutely nothing! I'm the nastiest man alive as far as she's concerned. She told me she wanted me in june/July I'm her everything. Then saw him, lost her memory, told me I was a deluded, pathetic, dangerous, lier and who makes her feel more worthless than anyone ever has! As I say since July I've cut my losses and trying to just be a father. But the emotional abuse from her is getting worse and worse. Its beginning to affect my own metal health and this would not be good for my son. Ive also discovered know one else knows anything as she's hiding it by saying she fine while attacking me. I cant help raise my son like this and she won't have it! The house is upside down as well and my 5yr old autistic son keeps escaping from her house! I fear something is going to go wrong soon if she doesn't listen. Shes already had social services round to check on her etc. And she tells them she fine when they want to help. This is beginning to affect me and possibly the safety of my son now. She does do well by him but she's in complete denial of how bad it is. She has even told me the man that abused her is still inside (after she had seen him!?) And I have sent her old texts proving we have got back together multiple times in the past. Yet I'm still wrong. I have no idea how to tackle this without making it worse.