abuse, terrifying experiences, extreme isolation, need some advise


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Have you tried burning a sage stick around the corners of your room? You can order them online at Etsy or Amazon. I cleanse my room monthly.

Much of what you're going through I have also been through. PTSD is horrific but you can get better! It takes a long time and is hard, but usually a trauma therapist can help.

Your family doesn't get it, they don't understand how abuse affects you, nor do they understand PTSD. I know you want them to, but you're going to have to do without their support until you're well enough to educate them. You have the folks here on MyPTSD to talk with now, so come here often and talk to others who get it. You sound so frightened, I wish I could help.

yes been burning sage and doing other things to rid negative energy, so its helped a lot