Sufferer Cptsd, csa and meeting someone special causing triggers

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A part of me wants to hang on and a part of me wants to just let go. I am not sure which scares me more ... perhaps both. If I hang on and he's a cheater and/or worse, I will have wasted time and emotion that could have been focused on someone more positive. If I let go and he's not a cheater and/or worse, maybe I lost my soul mate. If ever there is such a thing lol I feel kinda silly for feeling that way. I think the next time he calls I am going to have an in-depth talk and question session about some things. If he's willing, that's a good sign. If he's not up to it or says I'm overthinking, maybe just drop him.


If he was your soul mate, would he be making disparaging remarks about overweight people?

I don't know about you, but if I believed in soul mates, I'd have to believe that mine wouldn't make fun of one of my traits!

I think you deserve better!

PS go watch catfish!


Lots of warning bells going off for me. I wouldn't be surprised if he pulls away more and more as the one year mark to meet up in person comes up, and then bails on that all together. If he's not even willing to send a photo of his face or the town he lives in after all this time, something is off.


I'm so sorry, after reading a few posts I'm really allarmed and little concerned for you @JulietteRising . I know you are smart and kind and have a big heart but please be your own best parent here. I see so many red flags, I know you have seen them too as I'm reading your words. In the moment we can get confused and doubt ourselves but we need to start trusting our gut. If this was happening to someone you loved what loving and protecting advice would you give?
Hi, I appreciate the concern. This happened I believe back in September 2017. After reading the replies back then, it got me to thinking. I broke up with him shortly after posting this thread. After I broke up with him and began looking back at the behavior, I realized that what I thought was "normal" was actually mentally breaking me down. So I broke up with him. absolutely the best decision I ever made. :) Thank you for your response.
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