How Did You Sleep Last Night?

I’ve slept twice in the last 4 days.

Once for about 8 minutes.
Once for about 3 hours.

Dayum GOOD sleep.

Puts my bitching about less than 4 hours per night in perspective, though. Back to this place. Carnaps here & there, & a few hours as can.
Slept really well last night. I found new sheets in my closet (have absolutely no idea when/how I got them), and they are amazing. I was off yesterday and did a LOT and felt miserable, so when I went to bed, I just decided to sleep until I woke up. 9+ hours. I did have two very weird dreams about my T and work, but not scary ones.
Ugh, pretty close over here. Friday-Sunday I got about 30-45 min each, then last night I got a pretty solid six. I only woke up once and my it was uneventful in dreamland. It was amazing!
Not sleeping well the last week. Know some was/is stress from the cat. And from not having a cat running around for the first time in the last 35 years.