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How Did You Sleep Last Night?

I slept 3.5 hours Friday night
I slept 4 ish hours Saturday night
I slept 0 hours Sunday night
And judging from my cold sweats shaking and isolating myself to my room and recurring crying episodes I probably won’t sleep again tonight.
I laid down for an hour and went into a dream state that blew major bollocks! Now I’m back to being up and listening to music. I’ll just pace back and forth on the hardwood floors until later.
About 4 hours. Half of it snuggled up with a pair of kitties. Furnace is off in the summer and yesterday was cool so they were looking for warm last night apparently.

All good until playtime at 4 am.....
Very little last night. It's unusual for me, as I typically am able to get 6-7 uninterrupted hours. What I did sleep was very light. No dreams.
Short but sweet actually. I went out to a live music place without feeling panicky. I went out with good friends without feeling guilty for not doing something. I got to be a support for a friend that was feeling down. I got to try something more I was afraid of. Also, I got to wear heels without feeling nauseous about being potentially attractive. After all that I thought I'd never sleep, but I slept deep and well and woke up before my alarm with no memory if there were any dreams, good of bad.
Lots of nightmares relating to how… unreal/wrong my life feels.

One of the weirdest of which?

“Plants” in a “community” being made up of pink (like powder puff / hydrangea / peony PINK)… rats. “Bushes” being made up of people genuflecting.

Hieronymus Bosch, painting Stepford, type nightmare.

Took me a few days of WTFO?!?… to understand… yah. Brain. I know I don’t like where I’m living, right now, and everything is wrong. Even if the broad strokes are right, the reality is f*cked.
Sleeping really well and having vivid dreams. Not bad, really. Last night's was about my best friend who died in 2008 and my cat, who had a bad eye infection. But in the dream, she was a dog. Oh...should would not like that!
Holy Mary Mother of f*ck …I slept for a solid 7 hours last night!?!

That hasn’t happened in… IDFK. A long time.

Last week I only slept twice, 4 days up, sleep for 4 hours. 3 days up, sleep for 4 hours. <<< Which is on the wacky side of my sleeplessness. I usually only stay up 2 days in a row, before crashing out.

This week I was mostly back to my standard 4 hours, most nights, only to …wow… I remember when 7 was normal!!! Been awhile, since I did this.
I have insomnia but once asleep, I can sleep for 16 every night. For past week or so, have been ready to get up after 8-10, thats an improvement for me. I am such a crasher and I DO love to sleep. I am really weird about my bed though. All the softest cotton sheets and blankets and lots of pillows. I have a lot of trouble being away from home.

Friday I am so happy for you. I dont know how you function on so little sleep.