How Did You Sleep Last Night?


Unless I have physical issues, I mostly sleep very well. I hate being awake, have no interest in anything, but my sleep life and dreams are, at minimal anyway, interesting.
Last night, not too bad, however I slept in reeeeeealy late! The night before I only managed a few hours. I just couldn't shut off and then had a full day of work, so I'm assuming the previous night just wiped me out. I don't always remember my nightmares, but know I've had a bad dream if that makes sense? My partner will often ask if I'm ok because I was talking/crying in my sleep


After about 90 minutes I was woken up by a huge BANG! and then “Your mouth needs an exorcism.” 🤬 level swearing …from a linebacker with an impressive vocal range, apparently intent on reorganising the freezer with maximum effort BANG!… all about 3 feet from my head.

Not rising to meet the challenge took a bit of effort, followed by a wee bit of a time-out, to back my shit dooooooown… but the immediate source of the adrenaline punch (no swarming up & down the stairs/outside to make sure everyone’s alive, and likely to remain that way, nor watch to be kept)… meant I actually slept better afterwards than I have in about 6mo. Snort. Gotta love the boneless sleep of an adrenaline crash. But I strongly prefer fun adrenaline, dammit. Not someone else’s hulk-smash tantrum. <narrows eyes> C’est la vie. Wicked good sleep, tho.
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@Friday If anyone did that when I'm sleeping I'd wanna slap some sense into them. Joking... mostly.
BUT, I agree about after-adrenaline sleep though.

I slept... badly.

I worry more, lately- about the state of countries around mine, about friends and their families going through a lot, about maybe losing my source of income.... This is not a gentle year and we are barely 1 quarter in...
So I sleep normal hours due to meds, but I find myself having more vivid dreams, more natural disaster/post-apocalyptic dreams (granted remembering dreams vividly is not new for me), and waking up after 7h feeling like I slept 30 min. Highly disappointing.

I used to do yoga more as I woke up, but now I might try doing it in the evening a bit again, following a night routine, better than dinner and watching until I'm asleep (bad habit I picked up after PTSD nightmares and could not get rid of for the life of me....need to start changing it slowly). But really. Sleep has not been a friend lately. We need to make up soon or I'll lose it.