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How Did You Sleep Last Night?

Unless I have physical issues, I mostly sleep very well. I hate being awake, have no interest in anything, but my sleep life and dreams are, at minimal anyway, interesting.
Last night, not too bad, however I slept in reeeeeealy late! The night before I only managed a few hours. I just couldn't shut off and then had a full day of work, so I'm assuming the previous night just wiped me out. I don't always remember my nightmares, but know I've had a bad dream if that makes sense? My partner will often ask if I'm ok because I was talking/crying in my sleep
After about 90 minutes I was woken up by a huge BANG! and then “Your mouth needs an exorcism.” 🤬 level swearing …from a linebacker with an impressive vocal range, apparently intent on reorganising the freezer with maximum effort BANG!… all about 3 feet from my head.

Not rising to meet the challenge took a bit of effort, followed by a wee bit of a time-out, to back my shit dooooooown… but the immediate source of the adrenaline punch (no swarming up & down the stairs/outside to make sure everyone’s alive, and likely to remain that way, nor watch to be kept)… meant I actually slept better afterwards than I have in about 6mo. Snort. Gotta love the boneless sleep of an adrenaline crash. But I strongly prefer fun adrenaline, dammit. Not someone else’s hulk-smash tantrum. <narrows eyes> C’est la vie. Wicked good sleep, tho.
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@Friday If anyone did that when I'm sleeping I'd wanna slap some sense into them. Joking... mostly.
BUT, I agree about after-adrenaline sleep though.

I slept... badly.

I worry more, lately- about the state of countries around mine, about friends and their families going through a lot, about maybe losing my source of income.... This is not a gentle year and we are barely 1 quarter in...
So I sleep normal hours due to meds, but I find myself having more vivid dreams, more natural disaster/post-apocalyptic dreams (granted remembering dreams vividly is not new for me), and waking up after 7h feeling like I slept 30 min. Highly disappointing.

I used to do yoga more as I woke up, but now I might try doing it in the evening a bit again, following a night routine, better than dinner and watching until I'm asleep (bad habit I picked up after PTSD nightmares and could not get rid of for the life of me....need to start changing it slowly). But really. Sleep has not been a friend lately. We need to make up soon or I'll lose it.
Nightmare o’the moment

Serving drinks to people in hell.

People I should have loved, but didn’t. People I did love, but lost. The drinks never right. Washing glasses, breaking glassing, missing glasses; not finding water, or milk, or juice, or boxes, or ice, or anything I needed w for what was wanted.

Whilst I died over and over again, of thirst. Always disappointing in my inability to even be the tea lady. Much less anything more meaningful.

Thanks brain.

Thankfully, I haven't had a nightmare in a while. The last dream I had was about possessing a pound of medicinal-grade cannabis. 😍😎🤩 I have been sleeping well and this has been consistent since I began battling cancer. So that's an awesome blessing.
2 nights in a row of amaaaaaazing dreams, in the same universe; same people, different story. Fun fun fun fun fun! (The most wonderful thing about tiggers?)

Cracks me up, though, how my concentration can be complete shit in my waking life, and yet my subconscious can hold the same thread of thought for days no problemo!

Wicked grateful it decided to do so with great dreams, instead of nightmares.
I continue to sleep pretty well with only the occasional night I get up at 3 and can't sleep.

I had the most bizarre dream, though. Bizarre because I couldn't tell--and still don't know--if I was actually dreaming or if it happened. I dreamed I was asleep and was wakened by a loud noise that sounded familiar but couldn't identify. I got up and looked outside. My neighbor had her patio light on, and she was cutting her bushes with a chainsaw in the dark.

Thing is, she's done this before after dark (although not in the middle of the night), so I wouldn't put it past her. LOL
Up for 2 days, sleep for 4 hours.
Up for 12 hours, sleep for 12 hours.
Up for 2 days, sleep for 1 hour.
Up for 24 hours, sleep for 4 hours.
Up 20, sleep 4. Better!!!
Up 20, sleep 4. By George, I think she’s got it!
Up 36… Ah, nevermind, George.

^^^ After a week or so of less than stellar sleep? ^^^


I fell blissfully into black boneless sleep at one of my three favourite bedtimes.

Had an AMAZING dream!!!

Aaaaaaaand was woken up by family less than an hour later! No worries. I’ve got this. I still have 2 more sleep windows I can hit. Nods sagely. LMAO. So, of course? Missed both of them. Finally? Fell asleep at 0530.

Woke up? 🤣 …less than an hour later!

But the fun part was that none of my body parts were working in tandem. Each eye was determined to be looking in its own direction (Mad Eye Moody? Pfft! Only ONE of his eyes was spinning in its socket!). My arms and legs & body all wanted to be going to different places. Or, rather, they all wanted the loo to begin with, but had different ideas about how to get there. And once there? Had different plans for the day…

Bwaaaahahahaha.😂 HahahahaSNORThahaha

…I was just dyin laughing, the world swirling around, as I was zombie’ing towards one/all of my destinations, with very little regard to time & space & the laws of physics.

So that was the fun part.

But the best part was?

My mom starts talking to me, at some point during this fiasco (not really sure, when), as she’s finishing preparations for her road trip. Stops. Tilts her head. Considers.. “Nope! You’re not awake, yet.” And just carries on with her preparations, all blonde and cheery.

She circled back around and met back up with me once coffee/food/showers (and eyeballs/limbs) had been sorted… and just continued her sentence from where she left off before she realized Frankenstein’s Monster hadn’t quite had enough juice, yet. (Live! LIVE!).

<Twirls imaginary mustachios with a villainous grin> Aha! I have finally conditioned my mother to not bat an eye at my sleep-shenanigans.

So, clearly?

It’s Time to go back to bed.

Maybe I’ll mix things up and get a solid 7, at night, every night this week, and really freak people out.
Overall I’m not bad lately. Until I go on call and then it all goes to sh*t! Joy.

Friday night, couldn’t settle, tossed until about 4 when I must’ve drifted off until 7. Not great, not awful. No calls though which was frustrating because if I’m awake anyway I’d like to be making some money pretty please! Saturday, no calls during the night (worked most of the day) and slept in two halves, a couple of hours before midnight and a couple round about 5ish again.

Sunday; absolute zombie, couldn’t be bothered with anything but restless. C’mon phone I’ve done all the housework so please ring now. Nothing. Until, of course, 2am. F*cking brilliant thanks. Home at half 4, back at work at 7.45.

Quite tired now and normally it takes me a few days to settle back into some kind of routine. Just in time for being on call again on Thursday 🤪