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How Did You Sleep Last Night?

I am so glad to hear that you slept well. Positive stories give me hope!! I wish I could say the same. I have not slept well for many nights. I'm not currently taking medication because of my genetics. Apparently, I'm a high metabolizer which renders most ineffective or causes severe and rare side effects. I had my cheeks swabbed several weeks ago and finally meeting with a pharmacist to review the massive gene report this Thursday! I do currently take a natural sleep supplement plus magnesium. I fall asleep fine, it's staying asleep that's the issue. I wake up in panic mode from terrifying lucid nightmares. My symptoms have worsened since I restarted EMDR this summer. I usually listen to meditation music and use breathing exercises to fall back to sleep. I'm hopeful the insomnia and nightmares will eventually go away.
I really wish some doctors would get a grip on insomnia, all I get is offers of this drug or that drug which will help me get to sleep. I have no problems getting to sleep, I just can't stay asleep. On a good day its about 4 hours, then awake for an hour, on a bad day its 20mins tops.

Last night was 3 hours, so middle ground.
I slept alright, but no dreams. I am on medicine for PTSD nightmares which is cool but I used to have some of the most intense, vivid, and cool dreams and I miss that. The meds seem to suppress my dreams as well as my nightmares.

They say if you can remember your dream, it wasn't a dream, it was a message.

The last intense dream I had, ....I was attended to by Native American Spirit People who performed ritual healing on me. I was told by these spirit people that there is an entity attempting to steal my breath, which was the reason for the visit and the healing.

I have COPD and sleep apnea, which means I have shortness of breath during the day and low oxygen at night and it is going to continue to get worse unless I were to receive divine intervention, (oh yes please).

These Native Spirit people have visited me many times over the years and I am aware these are my spirit guides and guardian angels. I have loving energies assisting me in the spirit world and this was true even before I started nightmare medication.

So I slept okay, but I feel like I need to dream more for my health.
I finally bought a weighted blanket and WOW!!!, it makes a huge difference! I sleep much more deeply when I do sleep! Yay!
Interesting. Really want to try it out one day. Before everything went... you know... I had started taking B12 supplement (I thin k like 1000mg or something-with the mu sign you can't find on keyboard) and found that my sleeping had become deeper.
When I snap out of this funk I may continue the experiment.
I've started sleeping with two heavy doorstops made from fabric, one in the shape of a dog, the other is a cat, on my bed. I lost my real cat a few years ago and I've placed the doorstops where she used to sleep at the foot of the bed.

I find im sleeping much better with the weighted spot on my bed.
Forgive me if I'm mistaken but I couldn't find anything similar to this listed in the threads.

I thought it would be a really good tool to have. To talk about how you slept last night or any dreams you may have had etc..

Last night my sleep wasn't so interesting but it did strike me. I slept amazingly; I didn't move at all, I woke up in the same position I fell asleep in. Though I cannot remember any dreams. I think my body really needed a rest like that.
Hi Jasmin,
I usually have horrible nights trying to sleep and waking up every hour or so, but last night I had a great night, only woke up 2 times all night. I started an antidepressant and was so scared about it, but maybe that is a sign it is working ok. I'm just so glad when I do get more sleep!