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What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

@Bearlinda - If I'm coming from the world of Harry Potter, I might be a Violet Unicorn! How about that?! :playful:

I like the idea of the savory as I'm not too into sweets right now (might make an exception for Easter - chocolate bunnies and Peeps to be eaten). American baked beans are usually sweet. I make them with smoked ham, brown sugar, a smidge of yellow mustard, cooked onion, and ketchup. Kind of like barbeque. Some folks do use barbeque sauce or change up the brown sugar with molasses. Some mixture in that neighborhood will get you to where you want to be. It's like giving someone a potato salad recipe as there are so many different variations. Most of which would pair well with baked beans, fried chicken and some buttermilk biscuits. Yum! Picnic time....

Pork stew sounds interesting. What did you put into the mix? I love my Crockpot (slow cooker). I've only ever made soup and chili in it though. It's rather large for just one person, so I can cook those in bulk fashion and freeze. I've read a good many recipes for the slow cooker, but haven't tried them out. I need to find a crowd first.

Dinner looks to be either vegetable soup with a corn muffin or cucumber slices with hummus and a side salad topped with ranch dressing. I wish I had a big, round slicing tomato with just a touch of sea salt. Iced tea with lemon sounds good tonight.

Oh, and, I'll take one of those jacketed potatoes as well, please. :tup:
@VioletButterfly the beans sound yummy :-) Much nicer than uk beans I'm sure though less sugar. In the pork stew was root veg ~ celeriac Swede parsnip & Carrots, pearl barley and flavourings ~ stock, white wine, oregano, garlic, tomato puree and "french" mustard lol. The quotation marks ate because it's a mustard we English call french and which the French have likely never heard of. Anyway, was delish, had more today.

Never had US biscuits! Someone told me they are like an English scone which we have with jam a cream but heh different strokes :-)

Gonna look up stuffed onion bombs
@Bearlinda - Your stew sounds wonderful. :) Biscuits are fluffier than scones, especially when made with buttermilk. If you're so inclined, give it a go. Be sure to use a sharp biscuit cutter and not to overwork the dough. That's the secret. That, and very cold butter. I also have an Angel biscuit recipe that calls for yeast. Those, I save for special occasions as they require a bit of work. They are heavenly though, no pun intended. Very light and airy, served with real butter. That's what I used to fix at Easter alongside baked ham, a gruyere cheese potato gratin, steamed green beans, and baked apples. Plus a bunny cake. (enter the Peeps!)

Last meal - 2 sl fiber toast with almond butter and hot tea. Been a busy day, so lunch was missed. Dinner will be vegetable soup, a corn muffin, and some more salad and an iced tea. Sounds good, fast and easy.

Mmmmm green veggie smoothie. Kale, lettuce, chard, cucumber, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, ginger, lemon, lime, banana, pineapple, and protein powder.

I had a smoothie yesterday and thought about throwing in some fresh spinach.... not as brave as you, but a start. Instead, my contained: whey protein powder, nonfat Greek yogurt, unsweetened cranberry juice, blueberries, strawberries, and pineapple. Speaking of the lemon and lime, I was contemplating making a big jug of water with thinly slices of orange, lemon, and lime to keep in the refrigerator. Maybe a sprig or two of mint or rosemary?! Just sounded refreshing! Still does.

Has anyone tried hummus with chimmichurri sauce? My local market is now advertising this. Sounds spicy and calls for a taco chip. I've also never tried Sriracha sauce which everyone else seems to love. We'll see. I hear it is quite spicy as well. I tend to keep foods mild and savory - loaded with herbs and spices, but not the hot ones especially.
@Bearlinda :D Like if a scone and a croissant had a baby. Savory, fluffy, flakey, buttery. Can have either fruit preserves or meat/cream gravy over equally well. Up north gets jam/jelly/butter/cream, down south gets meat & cream gravy. (Which looks terrible, and tastes amazing).
I've also never tried Sriracha sauce which everyone else seems to love. We'll see. I hear it is quite spicy as well.

I love spicy as long as it doesn't bite back. lol I used to totally avoid hot peppers but have since become a fan with sriracha being a favorite.

They sell a sriracha with garlic combo at the international grocery here that's good mixed into a black bean burger recipe. Kicks the flavors up a few notches. Smoked paprika is another spice I never paid attention to before changing my eating habits, but it packs quite a tasty punch and isn't hot at all. Yum!!!!

I throw together a version of cole slaw with purple cabbage, carrots, celery, orange/red/yellow bell peppers, red grapes, red onion (all thrown into the food processor) then add veganaise and sriracha sauce topped with some sea salt and white pepper. The sweetness of the red grapes and peppers with the sriracha is quite tasty. I learned of those flavor combos at one of my favorite cafes.

It's also fun to get the jams and jellies made with hot peppers and fruit and spoon some on top of a block of vegan cream cheese and serve with some favorite crackers. That's quite a tasty combo, too.

Tonight, we had oven baked sweet potatoes and steamed homegrown spinach. Two of my favorite flavors ever. :inlove:
@Tornadic Thoughts - That slaw sounds wonderful and I love black bean burgers. I always look at the specialty accent sauces, mustards, and dressings at the Fresh Market, and think about creating something. It's fun just to browse and see where it takes me. I've thought about putting some chutney over a soft cheese with crackers, but haven't done it yet. I'd also like to try some on roasted chicken with some wild rice. Also, the Smoked Paprika - how do you use it? I've seen it used often on the cooking shows, but haven't gotten there myself. I don't cook too much these days with it just being me, but I'm trying to eat healthier and get denser nutrition into what I do eat, so I'm going to have to pick up my paring knife and go to town. :laugh:

@Bearlinda - Go for it! There are quite a few renditions out there. I keep it simple, but I do think buttermilk biscuits are better than those made with plain milk. I guess it depends upon your tastebuds though. :) They are fast and easy to put together. I like them with butter and honey. Good luck and let me know what you think. :happy:
Also, the Smoked Paprika - how do you use it?

My favorite ways, so far, are:

- to add it to a walnut taco "meat" (soaked walnuts-drained, a little walnut oil, chili powder, smoked paprika, oregano, liquid amino, cumin, and cayenne) that works as a good ground meat substitute - I serve it on romaine lettuce leaves as a taco topped with salsa and a cheese/sour cream substitute of some sort or without, or as a taco salad, or with mashed potatoes and corn as sort of a shepard's pie.

- with cauliflower (with jalapenos,red onion, red pepper, tomato, onion, garlic, cayenne, sea salt, smoked paprika, cilantro) for a Spanish "rice" dish

- on portobella mushroom caps with some walnut oil, red onion slices, and red pepper slices on the grill for mushroom "burgers"