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What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

Air fried jalapeno poppers stuffed with vegan cream cheese/roasted garlic/imitation bacon bits - dipped in a batter made with chickpea flour/oat milk/garlic powder, then rolled in gluten-free vegan bread bread crumbs seasoned with garlic powder/onion powder/black pepper - served with some vegan ranch dipping sauce and a side of sauteed yellow squash/beet greens/bok choy/spicy mesclun mix/onion/garlic/baby bella shrooms/sweet red peppers.
We made a salad I got from a vegan recipe list - mango , cucumber , avocado, mint, coriander , grilled sweet potato slices , dressed with lime juice and the recipe asked for vegan ‘fish sauce’. I used ordinary fish sauce because - not We aren’t vegan.

It was very, very good. Though - in a very non vegan style I’d like it as a side to a Grilled meat or fish too.
Smoked turkey breast on pumpernickel bread with mayo and olive salad plus apple juice.
@Changing4Best That sounds good.....sorry you got sick on the canoe thread.....my computer died so that's why I was delayed a day.....Best Buy Geek Squad to the rescue!! I couldn't access Google Chrome.....nor my email.....nor my ptsd....all is good now.

I had crabcakes....and chicken.....and salad......crabs are plentiful now. Hope you are feeling better.....hope to see you.....there......could use a buddy to canoe with.
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