What Did You Eat And Drink Last?


I am having such bad luck with food lately and now it got worse. I bought some slaw yesterday and it was spoiled and rancid! I ate a fork full of it and had to spit it out. Now I don't want to eat anything, but I am kind of hungry.


Espresso & V8
People kept me from food.
Aaaaargh. I hate that. No matter how innocently done, it kicks up old starvation stuff & scripts. And if done out of malice or carelessness. Wookout!!! Roaring tiger fangs of discontent. On top of old scripts. Sigh.
Farsi Aloo
I’ve sooooo got to try making that! I figured it was an Indian potato dish, and nope! Wow! That looks awesome! ....as does Big Wow!!! all these other Persian soups I’ve never even heard of. Aloo Esfanaj (beef or lamb, spinach, leeks, sour plum), Khoresh E beh (beef, tomato, plum & quince).