What Did You Eat And Drink Last?


Shredded cabbage, carrots, shallots, and pickled ginger sautéed in coconut oil and a bit of sesame oil, folded into an omelet from two of Little White the Leghorn’s eggs, then sliced and served on little toasts of rustic heritage loaf studded with chopped roasted garlic and topped with mayonnaise, Sri Racha sauce, and one leaf of either parsley or cilantro. I ate four.

Tornadic Thoughts

Lots of H2O and approx. 16 oz. of celery juice upon rising. Then a bowl of Quinoa Queen brand cereal of the citrus bliss variety with sliced bananas and oat milk for my first meal of the day.

Lunch was a big bowl of chopped spicy mesclun mix, red cabbage microgreens, carrots, red onion, celery pulp, boc and broc kraut, vegan feta, and my latest attempt at homemade dressing that was super tasty - a creamy tahini variety.

Supper was a citrus lentil soup that I picked up from my favorite cafe' that had mandarin oranges in it. 😮 I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was damn good - and the hubby loved it, too. Served with a g/f vegan grilled cheese sandwich.

Dessert was oat milk vanilla bean nice cream topped with a homemade chocolate sauce I made for the first time today. Definitely a do over! Will post the salad dressing and chocolate sauce recipes in the Vegan Safe Space thread if anyone is interested in trying them.

Tornadic Thoughts

More water, more celery juice, roasted dandelion root tea with blackstrap molasses, and red grapes upon rising and for break-fast.

A tofu scramble g/f wrap alongside a big salad of spring mix/spicy mesclun mix greens, red cabbage microgreens, carrots, green onion, edamame beans, alfalfa sprouts, roasted no salt cashews, and my homemade creamy tahini dressing.

Supper's gonna be a buddha bowl thingy with spaghetti squash, baked marinated tofu, most of the salad fixings mentioned above, jalapeno peppers, orange bell pepper, sauerkraut, vegan feta, and a choice of sesame/ginger vinaigrette or peanut sauce.


Ha! About the only way I’ll eat fruit is cooked.
...except for kiwi, muscat grapes, Rainer cherries, pomegranate, & fresh pineapple

(when I’m living somewhere with decent pineapple, meaning you can smell it 50 yards away in a kind of bone melting wow. I’ve yet to find decent pineapple on the mainland. Peaches are another thing that are bliss regionally, but in most places are best served in a baked tart with blueberries, or whirled into a spicy salsa IE cooked by acids).

Those things are all seasonal as hell round these parts, so they’re once a year sorts of things. As NZ kiwis 🥝 have just landed? I was reminded I was actually incorrect in my raw-fruits-are-gross thing. Just been too damn long that I lived anywhere with raw fruit worth eating.

Also excluding savory “fruits” like tomatoes & avocado & cucumber.
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