What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

Tornadic Thoughts

Lots of lemon water and some sarsaparilla sun tea upon rising.

A big fat juicy peach and a couple strawberries from the garden, along with a handful of microgreens for break-fast.

Celery sticks and mango sriracha hummus, with a few freshly picked sun gold tomatoes (tastes like candy) on the side for lunch.

More H20 and a glass of schizandra berry infusion.

A stir-fry made with garlic, red onion, green cabbage and wild purslane picked from the garden/yarden, and the vegan kielbasa-like sausage thingies - served with a side of wild rice - for supper.


@Friday , they ran out of charcoal both at the station and the one lonely store in town, so I baked the chicken. It was fabulous regardless. I am convinced that cooking the amount of chicken that I did requires two ovens, otherwise they steam. Kept pouring off drippings (basted first of course) then ran them for a couple of minutes under the broiler. Next weekend is jerk chicken hopefully some charcoal by then, and Caribbean peas and rice.


Too damn much victoria sponge. Not a patch on the one I used to get near my old home neither. Won't get that again. Didn't stop me eating too much of the thing tho huh.
Earl grey tea

Tornadic Thoughts

Lots of H2O and some nettle tea upon rising.

Two peaches for break-fast.

A black bean/quinoa veggie burger spinach wrap, with roasted garlic hummus, horseradish mustard, cabbage microgreens, sweet onion, and red bell pepper for lunch.

Mushroom jerky for a snack - and later, more water.

Taco salad made with English walnut ground "meat", homemade salsa, and homemade vegan sour cream for supper.


Roast chicken breast fillet with the skin on (♡)
Microwaved carrot n swede mash& a pouch of sweetcorn, carrot n broccoli
Instant gravy

Raspberry kombucha diluted w sparkling water.

Ate it sat out on the picnic bench I bought for the refuge. Good feelings all round.