What Did You Eat And Drink Last?


Yes they are. Here flapjacks and pancakes are pretty much the same, its just the name.
And noooooow I want hoecakes >.< Dagnabit!!

Even though crepes -with lemon & sugar- are my faaaaaave 😍🥰

& Buttermilk pancakes wrapped around breakfast sausage link, or chicken and apple sausage link, run a close second! 🥰 😍

It’s less that hoecakes are third, so much as they suit a different kind of perfect happiness.

Friday’s Menu (IE ain’t nationwide by a long shot 😉)

- Crepes = Crepes.
- Pancake = wheat flour, cooked w/butter or veg oil, served with maple syrup or jam. Sweet & fluffy!
- Flapjacks = pancake of any flour, often mixed flours, cooked in bacon grease, over a wood fire. Sweet & savory & smokey.
- Hoecakes = coarse cornmeal/polenta flour, cooked in bacon grease
- Johnnycakes = in between the two above/below, over a wood fire.
- Cornmeal pancakes = fine cornmeal and wheat flour, cooked in butter or veg oil
- Fried Mush = Steal cut oatmeal left to solid up overnight in a round pan or a whole bunch of tea cup saucers, fried in butter the next morning
- All things not-crepes are better with an egg on top!

How bout all y’all? What’s your fave?


Now I want fluffy pancakes with butter and maple syrup!! I don't get them as often as I would like though. J isn't a breakfast person so I only get them when we go out for breakfast. I've made them before but end up tossing out most of the batter.

Does anyone happen to know how to make just a few at a time? 🥞


Now I want fluffy pancakes with butter and maple syrup!!
MMMM.... Maple Syrup.... When I was young my grandparents in Ontario would send a Christmas care package that included a couple gallons of Maple Syrup. After dad passed and we were cleaning out the house we found a gallon that escaped attention. The top inch was crystallized "Maple Rock Candy". OMG good!!!

@LuckiLee, Use a complete mix like Aunt J or Krusteez and scale it. I use krusteez and its pretty much equal parts mix and water. 1/2 cup mix makes about 4 cakes.

@Friday, its
- Buttermilk Pancakes, Maple Syrup, Maple Sausage, hash browns, OJ, and coffee (blacker than sin).
- Flapjacks would be second with Saskatoon berry (June berry) syrup, bacon, home fries, camp coffee.
- That once or twice I year when I get a chance, Fried Stuffing (cooked outside the turkey). Fry it in lots of butter and cook it crispy on both sides, top it with a couple sunny side up eggs.