What Did You Eat And Drink Last?


Zappy Burger & a Coke
Ginger Stirfry Noodles & Espresso

The theme today is: Can’t be arsed. I have 3 or 4 major cooking projects to be getting on with (that have been on my list of shit to get done for over a week) that, nope. Not doing it. Think about doing it… and nope. Not doing it. Fortunately most of the ingredients are frozen or dried so they’re not going bad as I don’t cook them. But, really. The ginger noodles? SHOULD have had cabbage, chicken/pork, pineapple, and other stuff but I got as far as boiling the noodles and grating the ginger and just hit. a. wall. Fine. I haz sauce I can throw these with. Done. The extra 4 whole minutes it would take to make serious stirfry, instead of stirfry noodles? <insert ride of the valkyries here> Ain’t happening.


Vegetable samosa

All but one kombucha I've had have been flavoured and it will taste like sparkling mango or strawberry or whatever it's flavour is.

One I had recently wasn't flavoured, so tasted kind of like sparkling fermented green tea. I wasn't a fan. I like the flavoured ones well, still tend to dilute it as I don't like things so highly flavoured.
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