What did you find today? tangible or intangible?


Something in an old family photograph that stuck me as massively symbolic- a picture of myself and my brothers as children, and in the picture also, an object upon which was written (in large letters) the word Defiance. I’ve had that photograph for decades, yet I’d never seen that before today.

Tornadic Thoughts

Funny how that works, ay, @Lionheart777 ? I'm the same way with cig smoke, and all the fragrance stuff, too.

I smoked for most of my teen and adult life, up until 17 years ago, and used every candle/body spray/plug in/air freshener/scented laundry detergent and fabric softener/essential oil/various other chemical shit storms, both on and in my body, but now the same things I used to use/consume make me ill, often severely.

Our body knows what to reject, often displaying symptoms that we and the medical professionals chalk up to other things besides the obvious...but it makes sure we eventually know without a doubt, one way or another.

Today, I found Farm to Feet wool blend socks...and Darn Tough wool socks...both half-off...with a lifetime guarantee. A great addition to the wool long johns I recently found. Glad I listened to my gut when it told me to go there.

I also found the ski mask/face mask that my aunt used to wear when she'd gather firewood in the winter. From head to toe, I'll be cold no mo'. ?

Looking forward to no longer having to wear a whole freakin' load of laundry, and then some, to stay warm while I'm trying to enjoy nature during the coldest time of the year.


Some times, cop watching is not only hilarious, but good valium.

Note to self, get valium next year. Or leave Christmas to friendly hood archer, who unlike you don't fret in crowds.

So yeah, still on exposure therapy, about cops in particular.