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What Games Are You Playing?

I taught my students poker and on their own they quickly learned Texas hold em. We play in homeroom with Monopoly money. Thank you for teaching about the odds—I bookmarked it! I want to teach them that. Are there any other math tricks related to poker you can share? Or books/videos?
I can't take credit for that one it was from Phil Gordon's Little Green Book. One of the best most complete books on Texas Hold Em I have read.
He's big on math and strategy. Plus there's lots of good basic stuff - like, if an opponent looks at their hole cards after the flop, or turn, - they are looking at suit. Our brains are wired where we remember its a 10, 9, and black but not if its Clubs or Spades.
If you want to add more math fun - have them give you their odds - as in 33% is 1 in 3, etc.
(One of the cool kinds of things teachers can do to teach that kind of stuff IMO) Gives them some real world use of fractions......

A lot of my other books are on reading people. It's great skills - but I don't know how great for kids. It can definitely help in life and in career's. Caro's book of poker tells is a good one.
There's stuff in there even my T uses. The best one is - your feet never lie (unless you read the book and are a good actor.). So yeah - my T does that "what are your feet doing" thing with me now......