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What Games Are You Playing?

chicken teasing. . .

when the feed tubes in my 3 chicken coops run dry, the chickens will perform wild antics as they follow me around the yard, henpecking me like real hens. does playing with them on such days make me a sadist. they are free-range chickens with plenty of variety to forage on, so they are not starving.

alas, the fun in being henpecked by 3 flocks of hens gets old pretty quick. i filled the tubes this morning.
Bakery Story
Decor is not perfect atm, im gonna change it soon for an autum theme
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I'm playing the games that I'm creating! (I just wanted to show some of the art - I know we can post our own art work, so I made sure there is no identifying information or promotional material at all - just art)



Those are 3 different games, two of them I have finished, the one with the sickbay is under development since 2018 and has 200 pages of writing completed for it. I'm so excited for these projects, but man, running through your own game millions of times in a row to playtest it gets zonky. So. many. variables. Heh. But other than that, right now I'm on a Skyrim kick. I just got a farm, and I'm like, into it.
Today, a little Real Flight RC simulator. Airplanes, helicopters, and drones.... It's far cheaper practising and learning RC Helicopters on a sim than in real life. Airplanes and drones are not so bad but helicopters are shall we say difficult.