What Games Are You Playing?

Been playing a dumb game called “Ball Sort Master”. (Funny name!). Where there are like test tubes with colored marbles and you sort them. My brain likes puzzles and planning ahead so it’s been getting dopamine hits off it. I’m on some ridiculous high level. I’ve pretty much figured out the best way to approach each level and I don’t use the cheat of adding a test tube.

Anyway, I learned a valuable lesson. You know that thing where your brain keeps working on solving stuff when you’re not focusing on it? I was on a level last night for well over an hour 🫣. Wasting time not going to bed and I finally let it go (accomplishment). I opened it just now and immediately solved that level as though I was a computer doing exactly the right thing. It was a strange feeling but also cool and eye-opening at the same time. I think it helps me understand 1) don’t beat a dead horse, give myself a cut-off and learn to stick to it, and 2) I can trust my brain to help figure things out—understand the problem then let it go and return to it later.
When I was a kid we had a Christmas record called Snoopy’s Christmas which was actually a knock-off of the Peanuts Gang. And it had that song Snoopy and the Red Baron. Bittersweet memories! I can hear that song now.
That's sad...

The game is really cartoony and fun. You have to collect balloons and points to get "weapons" (potato gun, pumpkins, roman candles, etc.). Each weapon upgrade has a "target" in every preceding mission that is worth 100 points.
You can also buy planes Lucy, Pig Pen, etc to use in multiplayer missions and VS. missions.
I was really excited to get it working in Windows 11.....
Sid Meirers Pirates! Some didn't like it because you have to dance with the governors daughter because romance is part of the game but yeah - its all patterns, and once you know them - get on with plundering.......