What Games Are You Playing?

Portal RTX (Ray trace graphics) Portal Prelude RTX, Quake 2 RTX, and Rise of Flight Unlimited (ww1 flight sim)
Favorites right now:

Computer- sims 4 with allllll the mods and jigsaw puzzles

Card- solitaire of course

Board- mind the gap, my states monopoly, and battleship, and some real life jigsaw puzzles

Phone- BitLife

Oh and one of these days I’m going to save up for PlayStation again cause I really miss playing gta San Andreas
What are the jigsaw puzzles?

If you just search free online jigsaw puzzles on your internet browser, there should be a bunch of fun options that pull up. If you’re asking about the real life ones, I get them from Walmart or Hobby Lobby and usually do thousand piece to two thousand and looove doing patterns of various types. The harder the better.