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Altering my core belief of being totally bad & unworthy no matter; corrosive self doubt

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And to you too @AnD . :hug: And thanks for the alert, I never could remember if the authors were the same or not, because I did not find 1st useful, and Ms Spock had answered my question.
Corrosive self doubt from early childhood. It is what it is. Feels real but is not true.

1. Radical Acceptance.

2. Self Compassion Breaks

1. This is suffering.
2. Anyway who has trauma struggles with X thinking, maladaptive day dreaming, eating, etc
3. What can I do now to comfort myself.

3. Tara Brach has

1. Recognise
2. Acknowledge
3. Investigate
4. Nurture

Repeat x a million.
So I do things for a bit then I get caught up in ruminations which unfortunately I take seriously.

Sometimes I do use my rational mind. That needs practice.

Not open for further replies.