If Money Were No Concern...


I just want to say I love how selfless, caring, and generous everyone’s responses are to this thread. So many beautiful ideas that would better our communities and world here.

All that said, if money were no concern, I’d buy a Bugatti.

Just kidding 😂😂😂

But in all seriousness, ya’ll are amazing ♥️


I'd have a farm animal rescue with a therapy horse barn and some draft horses. I would hire local folk for the farm work and grow a lot of the animal's food as well as my own. Not only would the workers be paid, but they would get any produce they wanted. The excess produce and eggs would go to those around here in need, they would just take what they needed while giving back by some kind of work. It's important to preserve dignity.
I would work from home. I would be able to pay for what I need for myself and loved ones, or wished to give.
I would pay for what people need that only money could buy: I''d try to help stop foreclosures and tax sales; buy others vehicles, therapeutic devices, therapy dogs; give people who were struggling some break/ relief. Get people housing and relief. Pay for surgeries. That kind of thing.
I would have to be very rich!
Oh yes, I would probably live by the beach, or the Coast. And/ or have 2 horses.
(.."If wishes were horses, beggars would ride"! )


I would build a sanctuary for people who were traumatized or disabled and not able to function in society. I expect it would be more like a town (Shimmerzville I think we called it). It would be a place for people to heal, where there would be no financial expectations although there would be plenty of opportunities to work at things they loved. Lots of education opportunities. It would be a self sustaining environment with 'graduates' using their chosen trades to help support the 'town'.