If Money Were No Concern...


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I'd have an assistance dog. I'd have private therapy. I'd pay for a ptsd assessment since my old kooth worker doesn't seem to be having much luck with my referral. I'd have a house and someone to help me live there. I'd have a Japanese tutor. I'd have my own personal art teacher.


ever since I was a young kid, I've wanted to open up an animal rescue. I'd specialize in special needs pets and put my veterinary nurse skills to use. So that dream never goes away. Right now? I'd settle for paying off my medical bills. Being able to buy groceries, gas, meds and such without worrying. Being able to buy myself that cheap take-out when I hurt too damn much to deal with the kitchen and not feel guilty knowing I'm burning through savings at alarming rate. Hmnn... that's gloomy. Long term the animal rescue.


(I am of course referring to the beverage, not the snortable variety)🙂
Can you have just one?
First one’s free!
LMAO. I’m just cracking up over here.

🦉 How many licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop? 1-2-CRUNCH. The world may never know.

My brain could be full of amazing & useful information on astrophysics, global politics, botany… instead? I know everywhere to jump to hit the secret tile in super Mario brothers AND all the dance moves for “Are you a Pepper?” (Call the doctor! Dr. Pepper)


I'll probably just buy all manga then all books that just catch my eyes. Of course the house that I would to have to stock them.
Money won't be a concern for me before a very long time after all so this idea isn't that interesting for me.

I'm trying to shut up that little voice that says I'm too lucky and should be ashamed to not have money problems. That's unfair some can't have access to needed things because money but it's not my fault