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I'm going to stop eating sugar!

Freddyt- I have low blood pressure. Family members have suffered with low sodium. I had not thought of that. A few yrs ago I lost taste for coffee, so drink Pepsi first thing. I know its not good. Have to figure this one out.
I would ask your doctor to refer you to an endocrinologist to check this out. My low blood pressure is the result of Addison's disease - which is an autoimmune disorder brought about by high cortisol (stress hormone) levels. I know there are specific blood tests that need to be done to detect this condition.
If you're going to eliminate carbohydrates from your diet (it sounds like you aren't, just refined sugar, but all the same) don't forget to replace your primary energy source! In your instance this will be lots of fat, oil, meat, etc. I don't eat a lot of sugar almost at all - it's not dietary, I just don't like sugar. I don't even like bread, or noodles, or fruit. There are very few sweet things I enjoy, and usually they have to be paired with something savory or spicy.

People always ask me how I'm so thin when all I do is eat deep fried pickles, pizzas drenched in oil, sticks of butter and globs of sour cream all day long. It's because fat is my primary energy source! (These things are obviously not a healthy diet - like I said, I'm not "on" a keto diet or doing this for health reasons, I just have an aversion to carbs and sugar. But I'll drink the hell out of a good beer! - lots of things are sugary, without being sweet, which is where I do get my actual carb intake from.)

If you don't make the switch, you will undoubtedly start to get super tired and run-down. Even if it seems unhealthy on the surface (from "fats are bad" being drilled into us at a young age), your body needs an alternative energy source to function, and as long as you moderate your intake, fat is an acceptable (and tbh, primarily the only) alternative. This is the basis of the ketogenic diet (which, if followed religiously, can actually induce something known as ketosis, or "sugar sickness," as our bodies adjust to a new energy source).

It should also be stated as @Friday pointed out that carbohydrates are the only form of energy that your brain actually uses. If you've ever had a PET scan, they actually inject you with mildly irradiated glucose as it travels right up to the brain. So even in those who are on ketogenic diets, should be consuming at least a portion of carbohydrates per day/week in order to maintain optimal brain health and cognition.

For me, I tend to get a lot of carbs from beer and processed foods that aren't sweet (like chips, French fries, etc).
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Freddyt-I have had that test. My sister has Addisons. My test was negative. I have had low bp all my life and a history of blacking out and falling from it. I also have a habit of not eating all day until about 5, so the soda likely helps me from doing that. Learned bad habit-I know.
*sigh* I miss sweets. Here's a sonnet about it.

Sonnet for Sweets
by ViolettaMcGillicuddy

I bought three peaches at the grocery store.
No ice cream, cookies, cakes, or pies for me.
No rivers flow with caramel anymore.
The lemon meringue pie is all for thee.
Three peaches sit upon my countertop.
Oh, my friends, how desolate is this day!
If no one eats them, surely they shall rot.
Then there goes all the money that I paid.
What if I make a peach galette? A torte?
A sweet and yummy way to use them up.
No, if I don't use sugar, what's the point?
For cake, three peaches won't be sweet enough.
Alas, poor Violetta! Eat your fruit.
Here's another award to get you through't!
Grilled peaches caramelises the peach sugars?

Grilled peaches are also phenom with a few blueberries or raspberries on top. Or swirled in berry syrup (just cook the berries -or berry juice- down, again, no added sugar needed).

Whilst grilled/caramelised fruit, & fruit syrup, may taste sweeter? Carbonising/burning off the sugars as one caramelises then actually reduces the amount of sugar compared to a piece of raw fruit.

X3 Something else delicious, using whole fruit…

1. Agua Fresca - apx 1/5th fruit to water, hit your fruit with a blender, add water, and a squirt of lime.

2. Frozen Smoothie- I use already frozen fruit, but one can also freeze fresh fruit. Again, hit it with a blender, add a little liquid to make it able to traverse a straw. Word to the wise, a dash of citrus (lemon with blueberries, lime with strawberries, orange with tropical fruit) reeeally makes the fruit sing.

3. Savory? Works! (Accentuating the sweet with the contrast). Cracked pepper on strawberries, jalapeño or Serrano with peaches or mango (Can full on salsa up, adding garlic, onion, cilantro), a pinch of sea salt & fines herbs on stone fruit, cinnamon or garam masala on apples & pears. Chunky Chat Masala on nearly any fruit (it’s made from green mango powder, black salt, and Indian spices). Sesame oil & ginger on oranges/mandarins/mikans. ANY of the above, tossed in a salad.

^^^ I’m not a big fan of fruit, in general, so when I do have it? I usually have to doctor it, a bit.
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Bryers has low carb very little sugar ice cream. On Amazon and at grocery stores you can get cookies with no sugar and gluten free. Russel Stover has no sugar chocolate candy and is wonderful. Pinterest has wonderful recipes. Only bread is dark rye for me. I have the Glycemic Index Diet list of foods off of that I buy fruit and veggies recommended. I don’t miss the sugar and I was like you. I have lost 28# in 2 1/2 months just by eliminating sugars that are refined , eating the right fruits and just using the dark rye.My husband loves our new meals. Look up sheet pan dinners. Go easy on potatoes. If we have a few they are red. Best to you.
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I drank a hot chocolate today. It wasn't very good, and it didn't hit the spot. It wasn't nourishing. On top of all that, I earned one demerit!
On the other hand, in 19 days, I've only had any sweets twice, so I also win a billion-dollar island getaway! 😊


Whilst grilled/caramelised fruit, & fruit syrup, may taste sweeter? Carbonising/burning off the sugars as one caramelises then actually reduces the amount of sugar compared to a piece of raw fruit.
Didn't know that! Recipes sound good. Not a huge fruit-eater myself. I probably have a fruit deficiency.
Thanks Hulda!
I drank a hot chocolate today. It wasn't very good, and it didn't hit the spot. It wasn't nourishing. On top of all that, I earned one demerit!
You can grind cocoa nibs in a coffee grinder, and make hot chocolate the way pirates & royalty used to drink it; in a moka pot, or espresso machine, or even a French press, like coffee. INCREDIBLY bitter. Far more than straight espresso is. But? Hits that theobromine …ahhhhhh… bone melting, eye rolling, happy place. Adding vanilla whipped cream softens the bite, a bit.

More fun? Adding cinnamon, or hot chili peppers, (or both!) for a very Spanish / complex / bitter+heat bite. Whether you soothe it with cream, or vanilla cream, or not.