Today my “coworker” (my pet)...


Today my coworker took me on a guided fishing trip down the river


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Today was the first day in what will be a twice a month happening. It’s all socially distanced right now- but DH Met a coworker training in search and rescue. The training team are going to use our property two weekends a month and one on the trainers has offered to train any coworker choose to get . ( She trains Service coworkers too) . The coworker today was - I understand doing a particular type search Training .
that the team are happy to let us watch is also incredible-, we might learn something. All our coworkers here were very interested, especially the outdoor ones - who help provide distraction to learn to focus around


Yesterday I was fed up with my co-worker. She had been given free run of the entire building when she started work and has terrible grooming habits stopping anywhere to run her hands through her hair and leaving behind hair anywhere that she goes. Every time I turn around I have to clean the furniture because she leaves her gift behind. Well, I got tired of her complaining about how hot she was with her long hair and the salons (groomers included) being closed so I decided to help her out. She isn't very happy with her new haircut but I am, and at least she is being quieter.
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I decided I'm going to holler at that too chatty coworker. Because Man yells at pigeon and other birds is the kind of cute crazy news and I'll take it over other crazy of late. Also bc it's an activity I 100 percent can arrange to success aall on my own. :smug:

And at the other one for eating my crayon.