Today my “coworker” (my pet)...


Today I had therapy, while my coworker sat on my lap and had a broccoli feast.


It’s been a busy day here!
Coworker no1 had to be given a laxitive and threat of an enema because he’d eaten the nail clippings of another co worker and they’ve bunged him up and hurt his bottom.

coworker no2 - is up a tree yelling that he will not go to bed

Coworker 3 ( the new guy ) stole our supper from a frying pan when I nipped to the bathroom then preceded to act out killing it but at least shared it with his department.

It’s hard to get reasonable staff, right?
Two of my coworkers are on heat. They've alternated between frantic running all over the place, chasing and shouting at other coworkers. Nobody's managed to get much work done today and their wheels developed a louder squeak than they have.