What Are You Looking Forward To?


My life is going a bit sideways at the moment… how far will be a wait & see game… but in the interim? I decided to act as if everyone will still be alive in a few weeks time, & bought myself birthday presents.

It’s not the smart play.

But fortune favours the bold, hey?

Besides, I can always light them on fire if things go badly. Win/Win.

Lingerie. Sunglasses. Memento Mori wallet. Bath.

(That last one is travel size, a folding Ofuro, for when I want to be in hot water up to my chin literally, instead of metaphorically).
Feeling "human" again as opposed to feeling like a shell of my former self trying to survive these God awful physical symptoms day in day out.

I would love to ride a horse again, but I have IC which is inflammation of the bladder - go figure!