What Are You Looking Forward To?


Plastic Surgery, grilled romain wedge salad, lemon water, sex, strong bones, solvency, seeing Samuel, luggage, bay shrimp, knives, finding the cat, a hot shower, a cold swim, credit, rowing, new sneakers, new socks, breathing better, comets & koi… a whole helluva lot.. and a whole helluva lot more. Pretty wicked.
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@Hashi When I'm at my very best my whole life is a series of things I'm looking forward to. Maybe a 10th happen as planned, a few are better than my wildest expectations, and most have to be adjusted here and there. But it's also my favorite way of living, and I'd completely forgotten. I can't look beyond the end of my nose right now, and the thought of the future is presently beyond me. But thank you. Dearly. For reminding me.

I'm looking forward to looking forward, again.
Only took 8 years?


I'm waiting for moving out my group home for more than 1 year now and it's so close and si far to me now it panics me. No clear date but officially I move in the first July