What Are You Looking Forward To?


This thread and the one about fun have enlightened me to the fact that I have very little fun and few things to look forward to. Perhaps I should take some steps to change that.

One thing I do look forward to is herbal therapy. I also look forward to the time that my daughter completes rehab and comes home.


I have an appointment with my cardiologist on Tues to find out what is going on with my heart. All I know is that my echo cardiogram was abnormal. I want the mystery to be over.

Tornadic Thoughts

A day of no obligations tomorrow. Gonna spend time in the sun, get some yard work done, then gather kindling and firewood to fire up the pit just in time to enjoy the moon rise. ?

It'll be a good night to write down all the things that have been feeling heavy as of late and release them to the fire. Make room for more beneficial energies.


Einstein didn't have PTSD. In this context, quotes like that just make the damaged feel even more worthless.

@deleted member 1860 My insides just scream, "How do you know?" I can't imagine being Einstein. He allowed his thoughts to go where others didn't dream of going. He must have felt different....at a minimum.....and some say he was autistic. I've read that he had learning disabilities....but I've always read he had problems. Nobody had the diagnosis PTSD when he was born, but historical accounts do note that he was quite odd, possibly on the autism spectrum.