What Are You Looking Forward To?

Still Standing

Getting in the car and driving out of this city, in the morning, to go fishing. I can hardly wait to sit at the lake's edge and take in the smell of the water, hear the birds singing, and hear the wind make the water lap.

Tornadic Thoughts

Finally crossing the finish line of the legal ins and outs of settling my mom's estate and being done with the mountain of paperwork. What a journey. I've learned so many things that I never knew I needed to know and am grateful for the kind and patient folks who helped guide me through it all.

Thanks, mom, for your forethought and diligence in being prepared for when you transitioned out of this existence. I can't imagine trying to have done everything without her doing all she did. Unfortunately, she had to learn to be sure to have things in order after dealing with her parents/her in-laws/her sister/my dad's deaths with them having absolutely nothing prepared in writing.

Learning of so many incredible strengths she had that I didn't recognize while she was still with us. What I often viewed as disconnect and lack of empathy was simply coping strategies for things she never shared - so many great losses she had to endure. Thanks for the reminders to never ass-ume anydamnthing without knowing the whole story.


I have ordered a couple of electronic parts that I need to tweak my new TV and sound system. They should be here pretty soon and I'm looking forward to getting this system hooked up correctly.

I am looking forward to my doctor's visit next week as I get the results of the sleep study.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving ummm, dinner 😁.