What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

Tornadic Thoughts

A lot of water, a cup of yellow dock/burdock root tea, then some more water upon rising.

A couple mandarins and a small bowl of papaya drizzled with lime juice (so f'n tasty!) and a big handful of cabbage microgreens for break-fast.

A spinach wrap with guacamole, kale, arugula, chickweed, dandelion greens, red bell pepper, cucumber, purple cabbage, and brussel sprout microgreens for lunch.

Leftover veggie curry with mung bean thread noodles for supper.


what's Gyoza? 🤔
A Japanese steam fried dumpling 🥟 ... similar to a Chinese potsticker or DimSum / YumCha shrimp balls (har gow). The 2 big differences are gyoza wrappers are whisper thin (instead of Chinese thick), and steam+frying gives them one crispy side and 2 noodle sides (instead of deep fried like potstickers, or steamed like har gow). Most common filling is pork/ginger/cabbage.

I usually have around 10 or 20kg in my deep freeze / make a couple hundred pounds of them every few months with friends (we have a monthly super cheap & freezes like a dream -but- super tedious food making party. Everyone pitches in about $20 & we get about $500- $1,000 worth of food out of it. Each. Gyoza, tamales, etc.

Gyoza cook from frozen in something like 6 minutes, (little oil in a skillet, throw in a handful to start crisping that side-down-edge, add a big splash of water & put a lid on it, and about 5 minutes later voila!) so under ordinary circumstances they’d be my breakfast or lunch more often than not. It just hasn’t been normal circumstances for a few years 😉


Not last, but on top of everything else, I ate 35 lemon tarts last week. 😳 Mind you, I did feel like lemon, just didn't want to waste it. And I am not sick of it for life. 😊