What Did You Eat And Drink Last?


I had some smoked salmon and some broccoli. Washed that down with a nice amount of alcohol. I may have given up 7-8 years of sobriety but it helped to save my sanity for now. Lol. Im shocked I made it that long with out a drink.

Tornadic Thoughts

A big handful of each of the following: spinach, kale, chickweed, brussel sprout microgreens, dandelion greens topped with a dollop of sunflower seed butter, sprinkled with reishi/chaga/cacao/wheatgrass/blueberry/chia/chlorella/etc. powders, splashed with a little bit of oat milk, a lot of filtered water, and topped off with several frozen baby bananas and blended into my favorite smoothie of the day. Cheers!

It's the best feeling meal of the day because it tastes like it should be bad for me, lol, but contains a helluva lot of nutrients. Grateful for the seasons of homegrown greenage. 🌱