What Did You Eat And Drink Last?


DH’s homemade bread ( he’s experimenting making something more appropriate for me to eat and tonight’s was really good) with goats cheese and sliced dogs and a cup of rose tea .

Tornadic Thoughts

A quart of lemon water when I woke up. Cantaloupe and another quart or so of H20 before I began to mow.

Then a smoothie made with a helluva lot of fresh radish greens/spinach/kale, kohlrabi microgreens, flax seeds, frozen mango/baby bananas/pineapple, and coconut water.

Made a stir-fry for supper with fresh picked arugula/kale/spinach/wild narrow-leaf plantain, garlic, red onion, baby portobella shrooms, raw cashews, sliced radishes, drizzled with a little bit of liquid amino and corn on the cob.

Tornadic Thoughts

A quart of H20 and a cup of burdock root/sarsaparilla/red clover infusion upon rising.

Finished off the rest of the cantaloupe and had a handful of kohlrabi microgreens.

Kalamatta olive hummus with sliced radish "chips", celery sticks, and cucumber spears.

Supper is likely gonna be baked sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, and a couple more ears of corn.


Okonomiyaki meets bubble&squeak.

okonomiyaki is essentially the Japanese version of WaffleHouse Hashbrowns (12 bazillion topping/filling combos). Using cabbage instead of potatoes. And eggs/tempura batter to hold together. I can’t eat eggs, so I used hashbrowns. And cabbage. (Fried potatoes & cabbage, wha?wha! Bubble’n’squeak). It’s a ‘how you like it’ hodgepodge, necessary mess, badass comfort food, fried disaster of loveliness.
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