What Did You Eat And Drink Last?


Boiled Eggs, home fries, waffles, fruit salad, Tea and OJ. With raspberry syrup.....

Tornadic Thoughts

A quart of water, then some burdock root/sarsaparilla sun tea, then some more water.

A smoothie made with a big handful, each, of Italian dandelion greens/spinach/radish greens/kale, kohlrabi microgreens, frozen pineapple, frozen baby bananas, coconut water, and flax seeds.

Cucumber and radish slices with guacamole.

More of the burdock root sun tea and water.

Locally made Thai spring rolls with peanut sauce. (so grateful for meeting a new Vietnamese acquaintance who loves making and sharing them!!! ...and does a better job at it than the Thai restaurant)


I think I'm tired cos I read this as french fries then ketchup-and-coke and was like 🤮
There used to be a soda brand over here (Jones Soda) that made a “thanksgiving dinner” (Turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce) flavored seasonal drink. I understand it’s bizarrely good? Shudder. No idea. Because, cha. Ketchup does not belong in Coke!!! Eeeeeeew.


Chuck roast 3 lbs chunked, some onions, potatoes, carrots, red wine, minced garlic, tomato paste 1 can and chicken broth 1 can. 40 minutes in the instant pot. Pressure cooking it makes the meat more edible than the slow cooker. It would have been inedible any other way like an old shoe, $4.50 a pound. Everything in big chunks and all thrown in together, no making gravy or throwing the potatoes in later. They are a little mushy but no big deal, delicious.