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What did you find today? tangible or intangible?

Elephant love rock
A few days ago, a heart shaped bleach spot.

In the morning, a peanut on the patio chair and a bird on the unmbrella.

Last night, my new neighbour cutting his grass in the dark at midnight. 😲 Hopefully he still has 2 feet.

Today, inside, my coffee pot leaking. 10 cups Voila.

Today, outside, a keyboard and mouse.
OMG @Defaultxlove thank you for the giggle. Was just thinking I feel so worried after standing up for myself yesterday at work to my Boss (respectfully). They responded back with bullying, really, but something they couldn't predict prevented their plan. (Thank. You. God.) But No Brains pretty much described the situation they shoved on to me perfectly.

I could say it for myself lots of times, too. 🤪🤣

I know I found something shaped like a perfect heart but I can't remember what? Happens a lot though, still don't really get why? 🧐