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What did you find today? tangible or intangible?

A simple texting glove from New York ,with New York written on it. Which is amazing because I thought I lost it (who knows where???) around 2017! Kept the other one on the off chance I'd find it, never thought I would.
Birds have built a nest in the back of my AC unit and my cat, Ki Ki, has gone wild over them, it is so cute. She is trying to reach them from inside the apartment, which is never gonna work but watching her try is hilarious.
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I also found something from years ago I used to keep in my purse, always. Will give it a little TLC, then back in to my purse.
Unbridled curiosity has me peeking over the countertop going… What? What? What? Whatisit??? I wanna see! 🤣

Some of us never really grow up. Not really. We just fake it, out in public, sometimes. 😉

Feel free NOT to answer, unless you happen to feel like it. The adult side of me wouldn’t ask, if you’d wanted to tell, you’ve had said so. It just cracks me the hell up, so I thought I’d share.

Down girl. Behave.

Oooooooh… is it a sparkly? I LOVE sparklies! I gotta see it! Lemme see it?!? Ooooooooh. A sparkly!

Oh @Friday 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Well the hint is, it has flowers on it.. kind of heavy.. and in the word association thread I might right Gibraltor. 😉 🤣

Not sparkly.. Hmmm, though I could make it so! But precious to me. ☺️

Some of us never really grow up. Not really.
Thank God!!! ☺️🙃🤗💎

Oh ya! And last night on work break I thought OMG, lost my keys??? Not again??!!! But nope, in same purse as above (The Black Hole). But when I went for my break found someone else's key!
@Friday , I think I might be a bit like your son, I like lovely things, sure, but the stuff that has the most value to me would probably or definitely not have worth to others.

Plus I have a Let's Make a Deal Purse. Even I'm surprised by what I find. 😀