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What did you find today? tangible or intangible?

ETA PS @Friday , Idk if it's the same for your son, but maybe the things he loves remind him of memories or intangibles (hope, strength, peace, joy , things overcome, fun, faith, even turning around etc). Because I was thinking I can't recall a lot, or visualize well, but it's not that the memories as an adult aren't there, I need a cue. And ,well, everybody is different.
Someone's I.D.

A red balloon that floated over me in the sky! I think it must have been a weather balloon, considering the (harsher) weather.

A lot of negative things written around me: on a window, on the ground, on a pole. I pushed back mentally, I might even say in just a heartfelt-way, and changed the words and meanings. Some naturally, some with intention.
Today I found out that there are 3.000 varieties of coconuts, 4.500 varieties of potatoes, 125.000 varieties of wheat, and 200.000 varieties of rice. And there’s a vault in a mountain on an island of Norway that stores every seed variety known to humans—for apocalypse reasons.
Today I found out that on YouTube live webcam videos (nature, cities, etc.) there are people chatting in the comments in the most random way and the most popular ones have moderators to kick off the bad actors.