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What did you find today? tangible or intangible?

A bucket list guitar amp, and only an hour from my home! A real gem from 1995, filed away in memory all this time as "gotta get me one of those". Got me one.

Hunter gatherer has been satiated, um, well it's a binary thing, for now?
I found out that musical podcasts are a thing. As in a whole musical (which I associate with stage and Broadway) produced in podcast form. My daughter likes musicals and said there’s even a genre of music where people sing in that style but there’s no show associated with it. Anyway, the podcast musical I learned about today is called “36 Questions.”
a 6 month old part failed, luckily I still had the original, I had replaced it totally "because it was probably time to". Turns out the new one has the same dimensions, electrical value, even part number, but was made overseas using aluminum rather than brass internals. Today I found out that all things being equal doesn't really mean all things are really equal, sometimes age has it's value and you cant get it any other way than over time. Old switch gets another ride, new one goes to the curb.