What Did You Eat And Drink Last?


Plate of stuff from the fridge
Bit of Spanish tortilla (potato omelette)
Spanish Castelreal Gordol Olives - taste just like Castelvetrano olives (nocellara del belice from Sicily) my fav olives by miles
Couple slices of a variety of German wursts
Spoon of lemon n coriander houmous
And normal houmous
Eaten with a spoon of kimchi
Some strawberries

Plate of stuff from the fridge has always been a fav meal


I have not, entirely, been surviving on Biscoff cookies (coffee biscuits!) & Coca Cola for the past week.

YESTERDAY I also had cold smoked salmon & espresso, and later a flatiron steak & a couple Alaskan Ambers.

But really, for most of the week, it’s been cookies & soda.

Also, um, today might have seen a revisit of the Coke & cookies model. <cough> C’est la vie.

C! is for Cookie! That’s good enough, for me!
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