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What did you find today? tangible or intangible?

The bottom of my dresser drawers, well, all but two of them. I had to walk away after doing the other 4. lol It's been too long.

It always feels good to get old energies out the door and out from underfoot to let someone else clean them, maintain them, work around them, and enjoy them for as long as they choose to. Woo hoo!

Eyeballin' the closet now and hoping for another rainy day.
On a sign that said change is inevitable, growth is optional, or something like that, a large sticker of a happy blue alien in a UFO. The story of my life?. 👽🛸
I found the strength to re-register to vote since I moved. I don’t know why it was causing me so much distress but I’m glad it’s done.
I didn't find but saw, at least 20 birds (same type) jump off a fence to the ground (to eat?) then fly away, some kind I've never seen in my life, but they looked exactly like a Christmas tree ornament we have, reddish-brown and round, like some kind of pheasant, except they were big as footballs. (Right in time for American Thanksgiving). 😄