What did you find today? tangible or intangible?

In the morning I noticed a good looking guy on the bus, unusual I'd notice actually, nice face without his sunglasses. Had on a T-Shirt I could see 'DEATH', expected MEGADEATH, or another group, or expletives. When he got off I saw it said instead, :O DEATH WHERE IS YOUR STING". I had to google it because I couldn't remember if it was from a poet or the Bible. I found knowledge, but better some understanding.
Today I found out that the heir to the English crown is called the Prince of Wales because Edward I, in an attempt to persuade Wales to accept English rule, promised the Welsh a prince born on Welsh soil, whose first words would be in Welsh. He kept his promise by sending his Queen to Caernarvon Castle to birth his child, who obligingly turned out to be a boy.

Princess Diana was not from Wales. Now I understand, she was called that because she was married to the heir, also not from Wales, and not even born there—but we still call the heir the Prince of Wales.